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Smart Building Technology

Our Smart Living solution lets smart homes/ buildings connect various components, e.g. lighting, security, heating, ventilation, etc. in an integrated, dynamic and functional way. This makes the home/ building fulfill its mission to provide shelter while minimizing energy costs and improving performance of our surroundings. This also adds value to your asset.

Control4 Home Operating System

Control4 is a fully integrated smart home operating system (OS). A software that gives you a home that works for your life!

A complete smart home is not a DIY project. ‘Smart’ products, e.g. smart light bulbs,Alexa, a doorbell camera—operate independently. The more the “smart” products, the more you introduce complexities in your home. With Control4, you can still purchase your ‘smart’ products from your favourite brands, and Control4 will integrate with them to give you one centre of control.

Control4 software connects lighting, security, heating, audio, curtains, voice control and more onto one platform. Your home gets transformed into a living organism through our intelligent and adaptable software. The result…energy savings, improved performance of your environment and a value-added asset.

HomeWorks System by Lutron

Designed for energy efficiency, convenience, security!

Homeworks brings together the dimming technology, curtains and fixtures. This is a wired home automation technology that uses high efficiency fixtures and automated controls to make adjustments. This is based on conditions such as occupancy or daylight availability creating beautiful light throughout the home. For peace of mind, HomeWorks offers an 8-year warranty as well as technical support. So, you can always count on us.

RA2 Select System by Lutron

The wireless home automation solution!

Enjoy personalized home automation delivered wirelessly, whether your building is new…or has been standing for decades. With RA2 Select from Lutron, you enjoy added convenience. More comfort. Enhanced peace of mind. Staying in control of your home, even when you’re not there.

RA2 Select system allows for;

  • Switching lights on and off, whether at home or while away
  • Opening and closing your curtains
  • Create the perfect ambience while entertaining, whether it’s the lighting or the music
  • Voice control through integration with Amazon Alexa, Apple Home Kit, Google Assistant, Samsung Smart Things or Sonos

The growth of Ace Micro Services has been via provision of end-to end IT Solutions. We apply a personalised and professional approach to our service.